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How do I know my TIGO number

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I bought my Airteltigo sim card some time ago and misplace the starter pack and want to know how I can check my airtime tigo number on my phone to help me make other transactions.


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  1. How to check Tigo number 

    Ghana is one of the African countries with a high number of smartphone users. Most of these phones use more than one SIM card. Hence, it might be challenging to memorize all your phone numbers. How do you check your Tigo number?

    follow the steps below to check your tigo number on your phone

    1. You have to unlock your phone
    2. Next, navigate to the phone app
    3. Key in *505*4*2# as your Tigo code
    4. You can also choose to dial *544# and reply with 4 and finally choose 2.
    5. Tap on the call icon
    6. Make the call from your Tigo SIM card
    7. Your number should be displayed in a seconds

    The process of checking your Tigo number is quite simple. Here is the procedure on how to check your phone number, and bundles on the Tigo network.

    How do I know my Tigo number? Use any of the methods below to ascertain your Tigo SIM card contact details:

    On the plastic that your line came in

    When you purchase a new line, the card chip comes in a bigger plastic containing your SIM information. This might include your PIN code, PUK should you block it, serial number, and your number.

    If you lose your line, get in touch with the customer representatives with most of the information in the casing to get a replacement.

    Customer care

    Tigo customer representatives can help you with anything related to your sim card, including checking airtime balance on your behalf. To reach out, use the following steps:

    • Open your phone app
    • Dial 100 Tap on the call icon
    • Follow prompts to speak to an agent Ask him or her to dictate your Tigo number
    • Have a piece of paper and a pen to write down your contact details

    Calling your friend

    If someone asks you to give him or her your number, you can ask for theirs, enter it in your dial pad and then call them. This is only possible if you have an airtime balance.

    If you need your mobile number, you can obtain it from their call log. Write it down on a piece of paper for future reference.

    How can I know my Tigo number in Airtel?

    This is not possible as you cannot access your Tigo contact details using any Airtel SIM card. However, you can call the Airtel number in question using your Tigo line. Make sure the two are in different gadgets for the process to be successful.

    After calling, head to the call log section on the Airtel phone and note down your phone number.

    How to check Tigo bundle and airtime balance

    Follow the steps below carefully in order to check your tigo bundle balance:

    • Navigate to your phone app
    • Launch the dial pad
    • Dial *124# to check phone balance
    • *130# to borrow airtime
    • *505# to access Tigo product Menu
    • 841 to activate a new SIM card
    • *828# to access all Tigo products under one place.

    The procedure on how to check the Tigo number is that simple. The process is entirely free unless your friend receives the call.

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